I love walking around cities.  I trust my sense of direction and I’m not too concerned with getting lost.  This picture was taken after a turn into a small side street away from a market in Shanghai that’s known for tourists and the vendors that cheat them with high prices.  There were some other small shops and a vendor selling a type of bread that I don’t remember the name of.  A few more turns and there was a different market, this time with lots of food that I don’t remember the names of.

Tonight I’m going to be making some dumplings with some other people in the student apartments.  I should do homework first so my chinese improves and I’ll have more to write about later.


Didn’t make dumplings because the market was closed for the night so we got more street foods.  One of my roommates got lamb on a stick.  She’s one of the pickier eaters in our program so when she said it was good I went for it and tried a small bite.  It was good!  I only had a little piece but I can see myself trying it again.  That and all the other meat buns/dumplings/sticks I’ve been avoiding.

And I still haven’t touched any of my assignments.