First deliberate taste

Pork xiao long bao

I’ve been a vegetarian for about ten years.  After watching too many cooking shows featuring Anthony Bourdain and giving it a good amount of thought, I’ve decided to downgrade to “casual vegetarian sympathizer”.

It’s strange to end something after ten years but I made that decision before I came to China.  Though I had planned to wait for the right moment I accidentally ate part of a pork bun on my first day.  Then on the first Saturday night I deliberately ate one pork dumpling.

The pork didn’t really taste like anything (both times).  The bun had a dried pork filling and I was so hungry I hadn’t noticed till I looked down and threw the rest away.  The dumpling filling was sort of chewy but didn’t have a flavor, unless salty is a flavor and that was the vinegar I ate the dumpling with.  I’m hoping whatever meat I eat next is a bit more noteworthy taste-wise.

And yes I did get a stomach ache but I will spare cyber space of the details.