I’m taking classes at Fudan University along with a Chinese Language course at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE).  There are a lot of differences between these campuses and Mt. Holyoke other than the obvious being an urban setting, a larger co-ed student body, and a location in China.  The student housing is mainly groups of apartment buildings with laundry hanging to dry outside the windows.  There are bikes and scooters everywhere lining most of the roads and taking up space at the entrances of academic buildings.  And then there are the cats.


The cats here are like the squirrels in America.  They pop up all over campus and try not to get run over by traffic.  They’re different colors but tend to be on the smaller and scrawnier end of the spectrum.  As far as I can tell they don’t like people and people don’t usually like them.

Then there’s Mimi!  Mimi is a cat that hangs around the international student apartments.  She’s easy to spot because she’ll stay by the entrance to the building I’m in and usually purrs before walking up to people and rubbing against their feet.  She also has a large scar on her back with missing fur.  One of the girls in my program keeps a wrapped sausage in her purse for when Mimi is around and apparently one of the Italian girls that lives in our building puts out canned food for her.

She’s gotten into the building a few times now and has spooked some people on the elevator.  I’m worried the housing staff will try to get rid of her if someone complains, though I’m confidant Mimi can charm her way out of a bad situation.

The girl who keeps the sausage in her purse gave Mimi her name.  I added Mian Bao because it means bread, and cute cats tend to look like loafs of bread.  A friend of mine ran a facebook group in high school to pay tribute to this phenomenon.

“Meow, Mimi Mian Bao” has a nice ring to it, yeah?