• On the first Saturday night I went out with a large group of people from my program.  After an unsuccessful attempt to find a club (M2?) we went to a different one called RichBaby (formerly known as BabyFace).  Kelis was there that night.  Yes, that Kelis.  Yes she sang that song.  It was great.
  • The second Saturday was spent in Tongli which is about 90 minutes outside of Shanghai.  There will be pictures and things.
  • After half an accidental pork bun and one pork xiao long bao that you can read about here, some accidental chicken (funny story, I thought it was cabbage) and then a whopping 5 more delicious pork xiao long bao I am no longer a vegetarian.  That meat consumption is a lot more than no meat consumption which is more meat than I’ve had in ten years.  Talk more about that soon.
  • This is an article about competitive “memory athletes” from NYT Magazine.  At some point I want to try some of the serious training for fun but for now I might try to work some of the exercises into the way I study Chinese characters.
  • Currently listening: From Me To You, The Beatles
  • “Shanghai is like the emperor’s ugly daughter; she never has to worry about finding suitors.”
  • Check out the fantastic blog one of my roommates started!