Get a sore throat and diagnose it as “not a big deal” because it’s probably due to a higher rate of pollution and all the second-hand smoke.  When the sore throat develops into a cough lasting through the rest of the week continue to ignore it because you are young and therefore invincible.

Cough in class.  Turn down the candy 李老师 offers you because you’re not sure what it is.  Realize that it’s Ricola and take one.  Other people are coughing too and you collectively add the apartment heating-units to the list of suspected causes.

Go out on Friday night and realize almost immediately that you made a mistake because there is a lot more smoke and you’re coughing way too much.

Wake up on Saturday morning feeling less than invincible.  Brush your teeth then go back to bed intending to wake up in the afternoon.  You are definitely sick.

Leave the apartment around four and spend too much money at one of the local convenience stores buying bread, butter, jam and orange juice.

Eat a very late and very American breakfast.  Poach two eggs you bought at a nearby market.  Feel mildly accomplished because you are able to poach eggs.

Think about the benefits of tea but don’t buy any because you’re not sure where to get good tea.  Think about how this is sort of ironic, considering.

Sit on the couch in your apartment feeling groggy but grateful that you haven’t gotten food poisoning from all the new foods you’ve been trying in restaurants and off of street carts.  Listen to music that is classified as country-pop or pop-country.

Remember to throw out your used tissues before your roommates get back from their nights out on the town.  Write a blog in between coughs and sneezes.