• Most of you probably know that I’m not always good at communicating from a distance and I usually heavily rely on social networking sites.  This has been especially true while I’ve been away from school and NY for the better part of this past year.  Without access to a lot of my usual sites I’m trying to improve my e-mail skills.  What I’m trying to say is expect some long overdue answered e-mails and a few new ones soon.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun when you’re in Shanghai and you go to the biggest Irish pub in the city.
  • Traveling to Nanjing the day after St. Patties is also a good idea, though traveling with almost a dozen people is not easy.  Especially when you don’t book the hostel before arriving in the city.  Still, it’s worth it when your roommate makes friends with a local DJ after spending the day at the Ming Tombs.
  • This is an interesting article about Wang Jianhua one of the victims in the bus crash that happened in NY fairly recently.  He had been working as a delivery man in Kips Bay after leaving Fujian Province.  The article discusses his life story, his reasons for leaving China, how he lived once he arrived in America, and the family he was working to support.